Short Stories/Anthologies

Here are all the anthologies I’ve participated in as a contributor (as opposed to Sing, Goddess! which I edited as well as contributing to). You can learn more about each of my stories below.

Magic by the Cup

Witch Melissa has always loved the mortal world—so much so that when she had the opportunity to attend high school and work at a local coffee shop there called the Beanery, she jumped at the chance. Her happiness is short-lived, however, when an unscrupulous developer announces plans to tear down the historic building the Beanery is housed in, which, unbeknownst to the mortals, is home to the portal to the Magical Realm. Will Melissa, her wood nymph friend and her cute mortal co-worker be able to stop him in time?

“Magic by the Cup” is available in the anthology A Touch of Magic, edited by Janina Franck.

Magic All Around

In a little village high in the mountains, mortals and goblins have lived together for centuries. Yet with the passing generations, mortals have become blind to the goblins and their magic, even when it’s right in front of them.

Greta, a young goblin, doesn’t mind this. She’s found that magic has made her kind lethargic and mean-spirited, using their powers to play cruel jokes on unsuspecting mortals. Greta refuses to use her magic, preferring to work in the humble store of a grocer and his wife and enjoy the satisfaction of a hard day’s work. She is quite happy spending her days in the store and her nights in one of the rooms above with her talkative kitten, Calla.

Her peaceful life is disrupted the day the grocer’s great-nephew, Magnus, moves into the spare room down the hall. Magnus doesn’t act like his kindly and hardworking aunt and uncle at all; to Greta, he’s lackadaisical, immature and selfish. When not doing his schoolwork, he wastes his days painting rather than helping in his uncle’s store.

Greta wants nothing to do with Magnus… until she sees his paintings, and feels an inspiration she long forgot was there. As she spends more time with the handsome student, she finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew… and wondering if magic—and love—may be all around her.

“Magic All Around” is available in the anthology Magic at Midnight, edited by Lyssa Chiavari and Amy McNulty.

Perchance to Dream

The Taming of the Dudebro was originally published in 2015 in Perchance to Dream, a YA collection of Shakespeare retellings edited by Lyssa Chiavari. The ebook of Perchance to Dream is no longer in print, but the paperback is available at retailers everywhere from Snowy Wings Publishing!

Perchance to Dream anthology